Personal Loan

Make tomorrow happen today with VAN J. KAD International Personal Loan!
Sometimes you may need a little extra cash for a medium-term goal or need.
The VAN J. KAD International Personal Loan is the solution to your cash flow needs for holidays and vacations, medical bills, shopping expenses…and a lot more!


Are you an investor looking to grow your property portfolio? Then quickly contact VAN J. KAD INTERNATIONAL LENDING/INVESTMENT COMPANY, with a low interest rate and great features to boot.

Business Loan

Our Business Loan provides funds which you can repay over one to five years. You repay the loan in monthly set installments. Whatever your business plans, our fixed or revolving business loans can help you reach your goals.
What does it offer you?

Where you use the loan to buy an asset, the asset becomes yours when you make the last payment.

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